About VKH

Our Mission

We are a customer-focused general contractor dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of construction services. Team relationships are established with each customer in order to help him or her meet their business objectives.

We are an organization that our customers can trust for quality, reliability and integrity. Our company is a place where people want to work, stay, and grow.

VKH Teamwork & TQM

In 1970, VKH Construction Company was formally introduced to the partnering process. Essentially, the partnering process provides a mechanism for transforming project owners, contractors and architects into team members with a common goal. Fundamental to team efforts is the common goal “to build a safe, high quality project in a timely and cost effective manner…”

VKH Design-Build

VKH believes that the conventional competitive bid process does not always best serve the client. Often, considerable time and money have been is spent in the design phase before either the project’s cost or the builder is determined. VKH satisfies the demands of cost, quality and time-conscience clients by offering the design-build alternative. This alternative provides the client with a single source of responsibility throughout the course of the project. A spirit of cooperation, rather than one of protection of individual contract
interests, prevails.

Customized Working Arrangements

All client needs are special and different, all written understandings are tailor-made under a variety of project delivery methods, including:

  • Design-Build
  • Construction Management
  • Negotiated General Contractor
  • Traditional lump-sum bid from completed bid documents
  • Turnkey – Land acquisition and/or financing, as well as leasing

Our Corporation

VKH is based in Oranjestad, Aruba, with a project specific branch office in Curacao and is privately held.


  • Jan Albert Van Kessel, Director
  • Michelle Van Kessel, General manager
  • Helen Jong, Executive Secretary
  • Jessie Sahat, Project and Operations Supervisor
  • Gideon Van Kessel, Purchasing and logistics
  • Albert John Stiefel, Supervisor

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